Vintage Valentino

A couple months ago, I stumbled upon an Etsy shop selling vintage scarves and ties.  Having just rewatched Grey Gardens, I was extremely interested.

Passatosetoso is based out of Napoli, Italy, and has an excellent selection of vintage designer accessories.  I was immediately drawn to these two silk Valentino scarves.

Photo Jun 25, 12 17 55 PM

I couldn’t resist the classic Valentino red and grey.

Photo Jun 25, 12 19 01 PM

This 1980’s floral design is stunning.

Photo Jun 25, 12 18 15 PM

And some more details for you.  How beautiful is that?

But hang on to your hats, people, because this next scarf is somehow even more gorgeous.

Photo Jun 25, 12 20 59 PM

This Asian-inspired design is also from the eighties.

Photo Jun 25, 12 20 04 PM

The detail on this scarf is incredible.

Photo Jun 25, 12 08 08 PM

Full disclosure: I couldn’t stop taking photos once I started.

Photo Jun 25, 12 07 20 PM

Sorry, not sorry.  One more for good measure:

Photo Jun 25, 12 10 17 PM

It is worth mentioning that both my orders shipped next-day, and were exactly as described.

Thank you so much, Passatosetoso!


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